Basement & Cellar Conversions

We discuss with you and find the best solution for your basement or cellar.

Waterproofing a basement using tanking membrane.


Basement waterproofing or basement tanking has become very popular as more people decide to convert existing cellars or basements into habitable space. New build basements are also very popular as land becomes more expensive, the option to dig down and create space in the ground is a viable, realistic option for many people.


Structures that are below ground floor level are more susceptible to the possibility of water ingress. The type of basement waterproofing system or tanking system to use is therefore an important consideration as a variety of methods are available.


ULTRA Membrane Systems provide solutions for new and existing basements and the preferred method when waterproofing or tanking the structure internally, is now specified by designers, architects and specialist waterproofing companies in most instances.


Cementitious tanking is also an option which holds back water and allows for a build up of hydrostatic pressure however, it is therefore vital that the walls are prepared thoroughly before application can commence. This form of basement waterproofing or tanking relies heavily on several key factors and is considered a riskier approach by industry experts.


Type C Internal systems are the way forward as cavity drain membrane is designed to allow water to enter the structure and any excess water is diverted to suitable drainage points or in most instances, channelled into specially designed pumping systems.


Properly designed and maintainable basement waterproofing systems are extremely important to ensure that the internal space is kept dry and water penetration is dealt with by suitable basement pumping systems.

A basement or cellar conversion is a great way of adding additional room to your home. It is also an excellent alternative to moving house, transforming potential space into a fully functioning room. If you are considering other options to invest in or create space in your property, take a look at the other services we offer from extensions to loft conversions. The possibilities are endless…


With up to date construction methods, we can convert your cellar or basement from what may be a dank and dingy, no go area, to a warm, dry, airy space. Whether you are considering a home office, gym, family games room or an extra bedroom we will create your vision and turn it into a reality.


Here at Damp Resolve UK we can complete your cellar or basement conversion right from the design and planning stage, through to any structural considerations, damp or waterproofing systems, installation of electrics and plumbing. Our expert plasterers and decorators will add the finishing touches, and any fixtures and fittings can be sourced directly if required.

When we work for you, all trades are covered, ensuring your project runs seamlessly, smoothly and to the highest standards. Making for a more cost effective, efficient service.


Basement or Cellar Planning Permission


We understand that a cellar or basement conversion is an important investment in your home or property, and we offer a free, no obligation, consultation service to discuss your project and what we can achieve for you. It is unlikely that you will need planning permission to convert your cellar or basement, but in all circumstances you should check with your Local Planning Authority for guidance.


One of the most important aspects of your cellar or basement conversion will be the damp or waterproofing, of which there are several different types available. We will discuss these with you and find the best solution for your basement or cellar.


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