Condensation & Mould Control

There are many factors which cause or increase levels of condensation.

We understand the frustration and distress that is caused by having mould in your property.


You may have tried to kill and remove the mould yourself by using a bleach or something similar, only to find it does not kill the mould, the problem has got worse and keeps coming back after you have wasted money on redecoration costs.


Our company was founded on the belief that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and to provide the public with a healthy environment. From initial consultation to works completion, your health is at the forefront of everything we do.


Please be aware that if steps are not taken to alleviate the cause of the mould growth, germination maybe a problem in the future as mould germination is a symptom of a cause


Condensation, steamed up windows and excessive moisture in your home are all associated with mould growth in the home.


Damp Resolve can help you with condensation problems in your home with a simple installation which will stop this once and for all. These units do work and guarantee the eradication of condensation in your home.


Non-experts commonly misdiagnose condensation as rising damp which is a potentially expensive mistake since the damp treatment will not get rid of condensation. We are highly experienced in recognising these conditions and will be able to advise the correct treatment.


We can provide a home with the solution it needs with the installation of a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit installed in the loft or mounted on the wall.


The PIV unit is a small, energy efficient device which works by gently supplying tempered, clean air into your whole home whilst filtering out allergens, pollution, mould spores and eliminating surface condensation and musty smells. The units are full approved by the BBA and come with a 5 year guarantee.


Whether it’s your whole property or just one room with condensation problems, we have products designed to suit both your pocket and peace of mind.


  • Take a look at the benefits below:
  • Solve condensation problems
  • Prevent mould growth on the walls of your home
  • Reduce radon gas levels
  • Filter out mould spores, allergens and pollution
  • Silent
  • Cost as little as 1-2p a day to run


Don’t let mould spores affect your health,, get a solution from the experts for your property.

Condensation is a common problem in many different types of dwellings and is responsible for damp conditions and mould growth on walls, ceilings, windows, furniture and fabrics. There are many factors which cause or increase levels of condensation to dwellings, namely lack of ventilation, lack of insulation resulting in thermal loss, insufficient heating levels, high occupancy, cooking, drying of clothes on radiators.


Although good practises, such as regularly opening windows whilst cooking and after showering etc. can reduce these levels, often a bespoke system is required. A Damp Resolve UK surveyor will inspect the property or affected area to ascertain all possible causes and suggest the best possible remedies.

A written report and/or quotation can then be given for the recommended system for your home to eliminate condensation and mould growth for good.


Damp Resolve UK recommend one (or a combination) of the following systems/actions;


  • Passive Ventilation/De-humidification/Positive Input Ventilation
  • Systems/Heat Exchange Systems/Insulation


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