Basement Tanking

Full site inspection to determine which system best suits your requirements.

Damp Resolve UK design and installs various types of basement tanking systems. These vary depending on client requirements and site conditions. Structural Waterproofing or Tanking is required when lateral damp penetration affects earth retaining or partially earth retaining walls (i.e. underground) by moving from the ground through the brick or block construction causing dampness or, in some cases, flooding internally.


Damp Resolve UK Surveyors will carry out a full site inspection to determine which system best suits your requirements and property type. Whether it is a small vault or a complete retro-fit basement conversion, Damp Resolve UK have the solution.

Typical Structural Waterproofing systems used by Damp Resolve UK include:


  • Cementitious Tanking systems (Sovereign or Triton)
  • Epoxy Resin Systems (Vapourguard – Trade Sealants)
  • Cavity Drained Membrane Systems (Sovereign or Triton)


All Damp Resolve UK Tanking/Structural Waterproofing Systems come with a 10 year guarantee. Contact us today for your free onsite inspection and report.


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